Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Slowing Down...

I am not one who believes in new years resolution. However, I have realized something the last few years...I need to slow down. I need to breath. So while this isn't my new years resolution, it is a promise to myself. I look at my children, who have taught me so much, in the short time they have been in my life. I need to slow down. My children have taught me so much as far as strength, courage and to just be brave. Most of all, they have taught me to stop and take it all in. I am so guilty of rushing them, for the fear of always being late. I find myself constantly saying to them, hurry up, come on I don't want to be late, would you just move already. It's time to stop all of that.

I am making a promise to myself to "slow down" this year. To take it all in. To look at my surroundings, enjoy the moment, stop worrying about a clean house, stop worrying about the next thing on my list. My children have taught me that once in a while you have to stop and put everything on pause and realize there is so much more around you than the "to do lists" that are never ending. I'm asking all of my friends to slow down, breath and just spend time with your loved ones. Tomorrow is not promised. For any of us. Stop rushing life, enjoy the moment and while you are at it take a moment to lift someone else up, after all its the greatest work out ever. Don't waste this year. Spend more time loving those around you. Stop rushing your children and instilling in them rush, rush, rush, hurry, hurry, hurry. They experience that as it is. I will take my own advice and stop rushing my children around. I am going to live life, enjoy life and savor every moment. As tomorrow just isn't promised. Take time to slow down, enjoy the precious moments with your loved ones. And most importantly, if your kids ask you to play with them, stop saying you are to busy, just stop and play with them. Look through your child's eyes and realize the wonder of the world as they see it....priceless

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