Thursday, March 27, 2014

Diabetes is a roller coaster ride...there is no direction on which way we are going next, or where we will end up. There is no rhyme or reason on where we land. One thing is for certain, it is a life changing experience. I still remember when my son was diagnosed at 2 years old and when my daughter was diagnosed at 11 months old. Both rocked my world...each one very differently.

We have been living with diabetes now for what seems like an eternity. Every time I think we got this something surprises me. Something takes me for a loop. Then I settle back in...I try to get comfortable again...

I admire what my 2 type 1 children endure daily. I admire what my non type 1 son endures daily. They are an amazing team. I have never seen such small children deal with such big issues.

Seeing what I see daily makes me realize how precious life is...I don't make a big deal of diabetes because I will not let it define my children. However, it does consume a huge part of our lives. It has to, even though we don't want it to, bottom line is it does...

People have constantly told me diabetes won't hold us back. I agree with that to a degree, but I also will disagree...

Diabetes is always interfering...

it can make us late for things when counts are dangerously low or high...because taking care of them comes before anything else on our agenda.

it can keep me from sleep when I am already exhausted from the day...because their safety is my top priority.

it can keep them from sleep when I am force feeding them in the middle of the night to keep them safe.

it does keep us from being invited to outings because we may cancel at the last moment due to things beyond our control.

it has caused us to lose friendships because our life is different now and it's hard for others to understand the constant demands.

it can keep a parent from ever getting a break because no one wants to learn or understands how to care for these children.

it can keep from a child taking a simple test at school or sideline a child from a sporting event.

So, does diabetes hold us can...

Without question, it can and does...

But I refuse to let it define my children.

They may have diabetes, but I will never let diabetes have us.

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