Sunday, January 17, 2016

I'm bound to piss some people off with this post. And I don't mean too, I was there 5 years ago. When my first child was diagnosed with diabetes I thought there was nothing worse. My life felt over. Everything I wanted for my baby blew up in smoke. I had lots of people tell me it could be worse. I didn't buy it. I hated them for those words. Since then, I had a second diagnosis. I have learned a lot. I endure a lot. My kids endure much more. I would do anything to take this away from them both. I would give my own life. I would endure 6,000 shots a day, you name it. I would give anything for them to live a normal life. To eat and not have to worry about their numbers. To have their precious bodies produce insulin like the rest of us. However, I have strived to teach them, we OWN diabetes. Diabetes will never own us. I hate the words I'm ready to speak however it's the truth, it could be so much worse. I am so thankful diabetes is all we have to deal it easy? Hell no, but I will take it. So will my kids. It could be so much worse. I am not making light of the sleepless nights, the never ending worries we experience, however I do believe we have to make the best of our situations. We have to teach our children to OWN it. I hope to instill in them that we got this and any thing that  comes our way!! Remember life could always be worse...try to remember the positive and instill that in your children.

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